American Civil War Artillery 1861-65: Field Artillery by Philip Katcher

By Philip Katcher

Maybe the main influential arm of both military within the prosecution of the yank Civil battle, the artillery of either side became hugely expert enterprises, centralizing their artillery, organizing artillery battalions from person batteries and giving their commanders better ranks than box artillerymen had formerly held. In conflict, the advent of the 12-pdr. Napoleon , heavily by means of rifled cannon, supplied a spread and gear formerly unknown on American soil. This e-book information this important cog within the war-machine of either side. New leading edge 38 and forty also are on hand in one quantity targeted version as ‘American Civil battle Artillery 1861-65’.

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Subsequent orders for M500 shotguns included those with 14in barrels and folding stocks, which were easier to use for door-breaching and ship-boarding operations. All Mossberg military-contract shotguns incorporated sling-swivels. Mossberg M500 and M590 shotguns saw service in Operation Desert Storm and continued use in Afghanistan and Iraq. Some of the shotguns used for door breaching have been fitted with pistol-grip stocks to allow their use in tight spaces and also to allow them to be carried more readily as an adjunct to an M4 carbine.

Shotguns were also used to defend command posts and supply dumps in Korea. As with other infantry weapons used during the Korean War, the shotguns were those that had been used during World War II. In Vietnam, US troops once again found themselves involved in a jungle war where the shotgun was a highly effective weapon. The Marines made good use of the M12 Trench Guns they had deployed for decades. Even the venerable M97 Trench Gun saw use in Vietnam. Additional shotguns were acquired from other manufacturers.

In March 1942, Winchester was given new shotgun contracts calling for the production of both M97 Trench and Riot Guns, as well as longer-barreled training guns. The training guns would generally be used for training aerial gunners to lead targets. Enough M97 Trench and Riot Guns had been produced by March 23, 1943 that contracts were cancelled for further production. There were some noteworthy differences between the World War II M97 combat shotguns and those from World War I. Among the most notable was that World War II M97s were usually built on takedown models, while World War I examples had been built on solid-frame models.

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