Advances in Food Research, Vol. 26 by C.O. Chichesters, E.M. Mrak, G.F. Stewart (Eds.)

By C.O. Chichesters, E.M. Mrak, G.F. Stewart (Eds.)

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And Chao, K. C. 1973. Ammonia extraction of unicellular microorganisms. S. Patent 3,775,393. Akin, C . , and Chao, K. C. 1974. Process for reducing the nucleic acid content of single cell protein affording microorganisms. S. Patent 3,784,536. , and Tannenbaum, S. R. 1973. The influence of environmental condition on the macromolecular composition of Cundidu utilis. Biotech. Bioengr. 15, 239-256. Anderson, C . , and Solomons, G. L. 1975. The growth of microfungi on carbohydrates. In “Single-Cell Protein, 11” (S.

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15. The viscosity-concentration profile is relatively flat at a cell concentration below 20%. 5 0 0 20 LO Time FIG. 13. 80 60 100 120 (hours) Water uptake at room temperature by dried C. urilis (Amoco Foods). 31 SINGLE-CELL PROTEIN 350 300 z V 250 2. ; 200 a 150 I - ;/ 120 I I I I I I I I I I - FIG. 14. Effect of pH on hydration of C. ufilis (Amoco Foods) at room temperature Concentration (%) FIG. 15. Effect of concentration on viscosity of aqueous slurries of C . utilis, corn starch, and carboxyl-methyl cellulose.

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