Add More Ing to Your Life: A Hip Guide to Happiness by Gabrielle Bernstein

By Gabrielle Bernstein

Discover the thirty-day -ing Equation to sharpen your intuitive senses and turn on untapped inspirations!

Lots of individuals are promoting "happiness" nowadays, yet in her hip self-transformation ebook, Add extra -ing on your Life, motivational speaker and lifestyles trainer Gabrielle Bernstein really indicates you the way to make happiness a lifestyle through gaining access to your -ing—your internal Guide.

In her thirty-day -ing Equation, Gabrielle will enable you to bulldoze adverse concept styles and create own swap via confident affirmations, actual job, and visualization meditations.

Get ready to alter your existence through having access to a nation of "flow" that can assist you hook up with your -ing. You'll liberate your negativity and select happiness!

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But most of those actions intended to bring us happiness have only created a mess. If we consider and reflect on ordinary events in the world situation today, we will see that the type of ruination that the world is undergoing is due to selfcherishing. The troubles that we are in, driven by self-cherishing, are not just limited to this lifetime, but are something in which we have been sunk since beginningless time. As the Indian scholar-yogi Shantideva says in his Guide to the Bodhisattva's YVtiy of Life, we should consider just what kind of morass that self-cherishing has got us into, and compare this to the marvelous qualities and wonderful state of altruism that arises out of cherishing others.

When the mind itself is taken as the object of observation, the practice is more profound. In terms of posture, sit in either the full or half crosslegged posture. Use a cushion that is such that your rear is higher-the effect is that no matter how much meditation is cultivated you do not become tired. Your backbone is to be straightened like an arrow; your neck is to be bent just a little downward; aim your eyes over the nose to the front; touch your tongue to the roof of the mouth; leave your lips and teeth as usual, and leave your arms a little loose, not forcing them against the body.

Everything, without exception, is complete in the continuum of innermost awareness. It is even said to be "naturally arisen;' since it has always been and always will be. All of the phenomena of cyclic existence and nirvana The Fundamental Principle are, when you come down to it, not newly produced by causes and conditions but integrally complete within the nature of primordial naturally arisen innermost awareness; everything is contained within its sphere, within its scope. " This is a topic well worth exploring for the sake of furthering our inner peace by opening our minds beyond our usual stream of thoughts; we should look into this with the aim of creating more peace with our neighbors and throughout our world.

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