A Student Grammar of French by Malcolm Offord

By Malcolm Offord

A scholar Grammar of French is a concise creation to French grammar, designed particularly for English-speaking undergraduates. holding technical element to a minimal, it explains the basics of the grammar in obtainable and straightforward phrases, and is helping scholars to place their studying into perform via various enjoyable and interesting routines. the entire crucial subject matters are coated, with chapters on verbs, nouns, adjectives, pronouns, determiners, prepositions, adverbs, negation, numerals, sentences, and clauses. each grammatical element is illustrated with a number genuine examples drawn from magazines and newspapers, overlaying many components of up to date existence reminiscent of model, well-being concerns, relationships and game. it's basically equipped right into a ordinary, numbered indexing process, permitting the learner to quick and simply find any grammatical subject. Functioning either as an crucial reference consultant and a finished workbook, this grammar becomes the fitting accompaniment to any first or moment yr undergraduate direction.

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The verbs are – aller, arriver = to arrive, demeurer = to stay, descendre = to go down, entrer = to enter and rentrer = to go home, monter = to go up, mourir, naˆıtre, partir, passer = to pass, rester = to stay, retourner = to return, sortir = to go out, tomber = to fall, venir and its derivatives convenir = to suit, devenir = to become, intervenir = to intervene, parvenir = to reach, revenir = to return, survenir = to happen. Verbs that are pronominal also always form their compound tenses with eˆ tre – see 104.

Examples of Subgroup 3 asseoir = to sit – this verb (normally pronominal) has two conjugations for the present tense, the first of which is the more commonly used – 15 A STUDENT GUIDE TO FRENCH GRAMMAR 1 je m’assieds, tu t’assieds, il/elle/on s’assied, nous nous asseyons, vous vous asseyez, ils/elles s’asseyent 2 je m’assois, tu t’assois, il/elle/on s’assoit, nous nous assoyons, vous vous assoyez, ils/elles s’assoient avoir = to have j’ai, tu as, il/elle/on a, nous avons, vous avez, ils/elles ont devoir = to have to je dois, tu dois, il/elle/on doit, nous devons, vous devez, ils/elles doivent falloir = to be necessary – an impersonal verb used only in the third person singular – il faut pleuvoir = to rain – an impersonal verb used only in the third person singular – il pleut pouvoir = to be able to je peux (puis-je is used in the interrogative – see 161), tu peux, il/elle/on peut, nous pouvons, vous pouvez, ils/elles peuvent savoir = to know je sais, tu sais, il/elle/on sait, nous savons, vous savez, ils/elles savent valoir = to be worth je vaux, tu vaux, il/elle/on vaut, nous valons, vous valez, ils/elles valent vouloir = to want je veux, tu veux, il/elle/on veut, nous voulons, vous voulez, ils/elles veulent Imperfect tense 43 Using and forming the imperfect tense Usage As will be explained in 129, the imperfect tense has a number of functions – mainly to indicate the passage of time or the repetition of an action or event in the past.

Examples of –re verbs with endings in –u– boire ˆ ˆ je bus, tu bus, il/elle/on but, nous bumes, vous butes, ils/elles burent 35 A STUDENT GUIDE TO FRENCH GRAMMAR conclure ˆ ˆ je conclus, tu conclus, il/elle/on conclut, nous conclumes, vous conclutes, ils/elles conclurent croire ˆ ˆ je crus, tu crus, il/elle/on crut, nous crumes, vous crutes, ils/elles crurent eˆ tre ˆ ˆ je fus, tu fus, il/elle/on fut, nous fumes, vous futes, ils/elles furent lire ˆ ˆ je lus, tu lus, il/elle/on lut, nous lumes, vous lutes, ils/elles lurent vivre ˆ ˆ je v´ecus, tu v´ecus, il/elle/on v´ecut, nous v´ecumes, vous v´ecutes, ils/elles v´ecurent 85 Past historic tense of Group 4 –oir verbs It will be remembered, from the presentation of the present tense of this group of verbs, that many of them form that tense in highly irregular ways – see 39.

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