A History of Indian Logic: Ancient Mediaeval and Modern by Vidyabhusana Satis Chandra

By Vidyabhusana Satis Chandra

The writer has during this paintings essentially marked the primary phases of Indian common sense within the titanic interval of approximately thousand years starting from 640 and has traced how from Anviksiki the technological know-how of dialogue Indian good judgment constructed into the technological know-how of information Pramanasastra after which into the technology of dialectics Prakarana of Tarkasastra.

The therapy of the topic is either ancient and demanding. the writer has traced a few Greek impact on indian good judgment. for example he has proven how the 5 membered syllogism of Aristotle came across its manner via Alexandria Syria and different nations into Taxila and acquired amalgamated with the Nyaya doctrine of inference.

The publication is likely one of the pioneer works at the matters. It has drawn on unique assets exhaustively. along with the preface advent, foreword and desk of contents the paintings includes numerous appendices and indexes.

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135. 135. 136. 136. 13 7. 137. a-parik�ii-vrlti .. Alamba'J]-a-parik~a-vrlti Trikiila-pariksii Trikala-pariJqii. ,aramartha . ra Svamm Svamin Sankara Dharmapala Dharmapala Acarya Silabhadra. Silabhadra Acarya Aciirya Dharmakirti Dharmaklrti Acarya Pramana-vartika-karika Prarnii,na-vartika-karikii. 300 300 301 301 301 301 . � 302 302 302 303 303 303 303 .. 306 .. Prama a-vartika·vrtti Prama~a-vartika-vrtti Pramli1'}Q,"viniscaya Pramii1}o,·vini8caya Nyiiya·bindu .. • Perception Perception .. Inference for for One's One's Self Self Inference ..

16-12}. (Miirkangeya 16-12). PUNARVASU XTRl<�YA XTRl<~YA:: HIS HIS DISSERTA'rION DISSERTATION ON ON THE THE SENSES. PUNARVASU SENSES, II 11 a mere disquisition on soul in accordance with the yoga philosophy. He preached the doctrines of transmigra­ transmigra. The The yoga yoga df)ctrine dl)ctrme of of tion and emancipation under the the parable parable soul. of a tree. ree all bondage for grown is freed freed from aU for ever. Things when looked upon true in their nature do not cause cause affliction but they thev ntiture "v become sources we consider them as our own.

Ti Page P aa' .. MithHa Bchool School . The JIIithila l1padhyaya. Vardhamana. tJpadhyaya Paksadhara. •. Vasudeva Mlsra V i:::;udeva MH�ra Rucidatta M 1\1 isra isra . kkura Thakkura llhagiratha ' 'l'hakaura '.. . MaheSa Thakaura ' Sankara 'Misra Misra .... Misra (the Yotlnger Younger 01' 01' Junior) Vacaspati Alisra Misaru M isaru Misra .. . . Durgadatta Durgada tta Misra De\""anatha Thakknra .... De\"anatha na Thakkura Madhusiida Madhusiidana Thakkura. ool Th. The Nadia Sch School Vasujeva Sarvabhauma Raghunatha SiromaJ)i Ragh unath.

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