100 Days, 100 Hours: Phantom Brigade in the Gulf War by Edgar A. Stitt

By Edgar A. Stitt

This ebook is devoted to the reminiscence of expert ClarenceA. money, scout, 4th Battalion, 66th Armor, third Brigade, third Infantry department, killed in motion, Feb.27, 1991, in the course of offensive operations opposed to the Iraqi Medina Republican protect department in southern Iraq.

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Jurado hit an Iraqi T-55 tank at a range of 3,510 meters. After his return to Germany Jurado was promoted to Sergeant. S. , 66th Armor, Cmd. Sg!. Major Juan Chavez, searches through Iraqi gear for possible boobytraps. The author takes a quick break to clean his fingernails during the ground offensive of the Persian Gulf War. Staff Sg!. , 3rd Inf. , stands beside a road sign in southern Iraq. Vilseck and A-burg (Aschaffenberg) , Germany were two of the German cities soldiers of the VII Corps deployed from .

Div. sets up a medical point at this checkpoint to assist Iraqis fleeing the war between Iraqi loyalists and Shiite Muslims immediately after the cease-fire. , 3rd Inf. Div. S . occupied southern Iraq. S. soldier guards an Iraqi family at one of the checkpoints in southern Iraq while military police search their vehicle. The soldier is armed with the squad automatic weapon (SAW). 0:. Marne soldiers assist Iraqi refugees by SSgt. Edgar A. Stitt ------------------------------------------ "It' s interesting , and keeps the soldiers busy, A lot of them A Soviet built, sand-colored truck flying a white flag approaches the desert checkpoint on a road in southern Iraq.

Cash deployed to the Gulf in December with 3rd Brigade. His awards include the Silver Star, Purple Heart, Army Achievement Medal. Good Conduct Medal. National Defense SeNice Medal. Army SeNice Ribbon, and Southwest Asia Medal. Cash is sUNived by his wife Sandra, his mother May Lambert and his father Clarence Cash. , 3rd Inf. Div. during the war. Specialist Clarance A. Cash, scout, was killed in action on Feb . 27 when an Iraqi rocket propelled grenade (RPG) destroyed the Bradley he was driving .

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